Lockhart LL New Manager FAQs

1.       Where do I practice?

a.       That’s completely up to you. The sports complex is reserved for coach pitch and up. There are several locations throughout the city (Navarro clear fork area for example). To reserve these spaces, you must fill out a form with LISD Central Office.
Form can be found HERE.

2.       How many events can I have per week?

a.       Up to 3. Once the season starts, you have two games per week, so your schedule will likely be one practice two games. Take advantage of the time you have now and practice as much as possible

3.       Other than practice and games, what am I responsible for?

a.       As team manager, you are responsible for handling the candy fundraiser for your team for the league, this includes collecting cash from parents and taking it to FLNB and exchanging it for a cashier’s check and turning it into the league. In addition, your team will be responsible for at least one day of concession stand duty. You will be given at least one weeks’ notice of your duty date.

4.       How long does the season last?

a.       The season will run through about the last week in May.

5.       What is this candy fundraiser for?

a.       The league spends about $75,000 each year to operate. We use, donations from the community, registration, and several fundraisers to help us cover these expenses. The candy fundraiser is a big part of that! Sell every box if possible

6.       When does the season start and how long is it?

a.       Opening Day is March 28th. There are about 12 games in the season

7.       What is opening day?

a.       Opening day is the official kickoff to the season! We have games, concessions, a parade of teams, food and craft booths. It is lots of fun! More info to come. Managers are also asked to volunteer one to two hours of time for concession duty. 

8.       When are pictures?

a.       Pictures will take place on opening day this season. Schedule of teams and ordering information will be available soon.

9.       What other events should I know about?

a.       This season we will have a LL Baseball and Softball day with LISD. Those dates will be announced soon. 

10.   Who do I call if I have questions?

a.       League President –David Mendoza (512) 549-1455

b.       League VP/Player agent –Josh Hazlett  512-376-1808

c.       League Treasurer- Kristina Noble (512)757-7737

d.    League Secretary- Veronica Reed (512) 995-0351

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